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Ceramica Globo has decided to give its corporate policy a distinct eco-friendly significance. The commitment involves every management and production aspect, in the knowledge that the efforts made can be an important variable in the business strategy, as well as an ethical value of absolute importance.

Ceramica Globo’s sensitivity to the global environmental emergency has prompted the company to place the environment at the centre of its economic, social and industrial policies. This is an important choice created to fulfil two basic market needs: on the one hand, to provide solutions that are more and more environmentally friendly as a concrete response to the increasing requests from customers; on the other one, to gradually reduce the impact of the production cycle on the territory, reinforcing its commitment in terms of an aware and responsible global activity. 

In fact, this brings the company to make absolutely prudent business decisions, for example, with the reduction of electricity consumption and the use of natural resources, the reduction of CO2 emissions and increase of energy efficiency.

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Ceramica Globo is even more eco-friendly
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