conception et design

Concevoir, c'est donner forme à une idée, la structurer, définir ses espaces et ses couleurs. Le design et les matériaux sont l'outil au service de l'histoire qui s'inspire des différentes significations, témoignées par différentes cultures, qui ont conduit à une simplification fonctionnelle de l'environnement de la salle de bain au cours du siècle dernier.


les références

Tori Tori Restaurant (Messico, Città del Messico)



OPI is a modern multiform furnishing system. It offers endless configurations for a variety of forms, dimensions, colors and materials. Thanks to his color and material essentiality it furnishes, in an incisively and distinctive way, every bathroom, from a small one ... indeed the smallest one... to the biggest one, and it becomes an indispensable medium in architects’ hands who can create new situations giving rise to his creativity...

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The T-Edge range has grown thanks to the launch of new 37cm deep washbasins, that can be installed either wall-hung or on a countertop. These products are characterized by a ceramic drain which lies flush with the basin surface. The product design remains unchanged: they are provided with spacious basin and only 6mm thin edges, which could be achieved thanks to the new patented ceramic mixture Globothin®.

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Improves the efficiency of discharges at 4 / 2.6 liters

Not only design: thanks to a study work and a research lasting months, Ceramica Globo has made technical modifications to the WC, optimizing the size and shape of the siphon duct, for better discharge efficiency. Thanks to the matching crates, the Globo WCs use only 4 / 2.6 liters of water.


A new and exclusive ceramic mix to bring the edges of the washbasins to just 6 mm thick, keeping the stability and the geometries unchanged.

Multi 2.0

For the replacement of wall-hung sanitary fixtures and floor-mounted wall-spaced sanitary fixtures. No masonry work.