From Ceramica Globo’s research and development comes CERASLIDE®, the innovative glaze designed and tested to maintain its effectiveness over time. The careful control of temperatures in the various cooking stages, in a cycle that can last up to 26 hours, ensures perfect homogeneity of the product during the sintering process, reducing porosity and guaranteeing greater resistance against stains, dirt and abrasions. This means the residuals do not adhere to the walls but slide of f with the water. The BATAFORM® antibacterial treatment was developed to ensure deeper hygiene. The antimicrobial power of this process during production significantly reduces the presence of germs and bacteria. Laboratory tests performed according to the inter national ISO 22196:2011 standards confirm a drastic decline in the pr esence of microbes. The Ceraslide® glaze in combination with the Bataform® antibacterial treatment gives sanitary fixtures greater gloss, resistance and hygiene for maximum comfort and wellbeing in the bathroom.