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Collection T-Edge

Following the excellent market acceptance, Globo has added more combinations and models to its T-Edge Collection, designed by CreativeLab+ for Globo.

The real highlight of the T-Edge collection, available in the 14 Bagno di Colore ceramic shades, are the super slim edges – 6 mm thick – made possible by the patented GLOBOTHIN® ceramic mixture, which guarantees reduced thickness along with greater strength and shine.

New Quick Detach

Easy Detach is born, the new Ceramica Globo quick release system

Improves the efficiency of discharges at 4 / 2.6 liters

Not only design: thanks to a study work and a research lasting months, Ceramica Globo has made technical modifications to the WC, optimizing the size and shape of the siphon duct, for better discharge efficiency. Thanks to the matching crates, the Globo WCs use only 4 / 2.6 liters of water.


A new and exclusive ceramic mix to bring the edges of the washbasins to just 6 mm thick, keeping the stability and the geometries unchanged.

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I bagni negli esercizi pubblici

mercoledì 20 giugno 2018

La presenza dei bagni negli esercizi pubblici è obbligatoria per legge se il titolare vuole avere tutte le autorizzazioni ed essere in linea con le disposizioni normative in corso, per i locali che somministrano bevande e alimenti e che prevedono la permanenza del cliente all'interno dello stesso. Ciò significa che i bar e i ristoranti, per esempio, sono obbligati ad avere un servizio igienico a disposizione dei clienti ma lo stesso non vale per le pizzerie da asporto e per tutti i locali che vendono street-food, per esempio, dove la presenza del cliente è prevista esclusivamente per la conclusione dell'acquisto e non per il consumo.

Design and Technology in Modern Bathrooms

lunedì 28 maggio 2018

In modern bathrooms technology and design goes hand in hand. This is confirmed by several brands on the market, so, if what you want is a smart bathroom with a visual impact, all you have to do is to choose the solution that best suits your needs. What matters is to do it with taste, keeping in mind the style of the other rooms of your home and avoiding risky combinations: it is not necessary to renounce the beauty to have a comfortable and technological home. Let's focus on the new design technologies that the market makes available to furnish a bathroom using a practical and modern style.


Chromotherapy in the bathroom, ideas and helpful tricks

venerdì 4 maggio 2018

Chromotherapy is a type of alternative medicine that uses colors to treat various diseases. This particular type of therapy is often combined with furniture in order to obtain psycho-physical benefits even in your home. Chromotherapy is used in bathroom furnishings to get more benefits from the use of colors while relaxing during a shower or a hot bath. To be able to apply the principles of chromotherapy in the bathroom you have to install devices that spread specific colors that can rebalance and regenerate your body.